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Maui Pasta Company – About Us

Husband and wife team, Patricia and Ron Inman, started Maui Pasta Company in September, 2012.  Patricia studied in Italy for two years, where she took cooking classes in Florence, and has loved cooking Italian ever since.

Maui residents since 1996, the Inmans decided to start Maui Pasta Company because of their love of cooking and gardening, and their love of local life on Maui.  They started from humble beginnings by building a loyal following via sales from Farmer’s Markets and via sales from a stand in front of their home in Makawao.

With the help of Lokahi Commercial Kitchen where all the pastas were initially produced, the Inmans quickly found enthusiasm for their flavorful and wholesome pastas.  They started out rolling and cutting their dough on a traditional hand-cranked Italian-made pasta maker (above).  Within weeks, they upgraded to an Italian-made electric pasta maker because of increased demand for their pastas (right).  From there, they moved on to an Italian commercial extrusion pasta machine (below).

From a stand in front of their home, they have expanded the Maui Pasta Company family to many local grocery stores and restaurants.

In May of 2015, they launched their own commercial kitchen and take out window in Waikapu, which serves fresh pasta dishes and panini to their local community.  Customers can also find fresh, uncooked pastas and ravioli, fresh baked goods, and amazing desserts like tiramisu, panna cotta, cannoli and classic cheesecake.