A New Home in Scottsdale


It was August, 2017 when founder Patricia Inman, now Patricia Hocchaus, arrived in Scottsdale newly married! Stephen Hochhaus, a widower of 7 years, had been Patricia’s best friend and grief support for over a year, when they fell in love, married on a beach on Maui, and decided to bring the Maui Pasta dream to Scottsdale. Business partner Debra had also arrived to a sweltering Summer and a town full of opportunities!

Within weeks, Patricia and Debra came across a cute space at the Shops at Gainey Ranch, just a few miles from Old Town Scottsdale. It was not long before a lease was signed, and the POD, carefully packed just a couple of months prior, arrived at the back door, having traveled nearly 3000 miles across land and sea.

The new adventure begins!

The 2600 square foot space is long and narrow, a typical strip mall bay, and preparations began for a “factory cafe,” take-out restaurant, and pasta shop.

Maui Pasta

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